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Our Mission and Ideology:

Shopforcows only aim is to re-organize the cow based economy which will be governed by the villages & villagers, because as long as this system was in the country, the country was called gold’s sparrow and today, where we have reached in the lack of this system, it is not hidden from anyone. We want to make a poison free, healthy, happy, prosperous nation.



Our Excellence and Commitment: is committed to deliver best quality Panchgavya products, Ayurvedic products and food items to the people. We have brought specific products for use in your daily life, which are produced by reliable gaushalas of the country, by the Gwalas, by the Swadeshi Rakshak institutions, and by the farmers who do natural farming. These products include cosmetics, food items, medicines, pooja items etc. By buying these products, you not only strengthen the economy of the country but also become a participant in the holy cause of Gauraksha.


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Dave Dharmendra

Dave Dharmendra

Nice Product,  its for my brother's son. Very good change in his health.


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