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As we all know that almost 1000 years ago, the entire economy of India ran through the villages and our GAUMAATA was in the center of this economy. All things needed were produced in every village and this was possible only because of the GAUMAATA. Not only cow dung / cow urine based farming was done even all the diseases were cured by Panchgavyas received by Cows. Our GAUMAATA was the basis of a healthy, prosperous, happy and wealthy BHARAT. Gradually we were attacked by foreigners, our culture became distorted, large companies controlled the economy and the economy became centralized. Entrapped in the propaganda propagated by the big companies, we started chemical based agriculture & left natural agriculture and also we forgot the remaining utility of the holy cow, whereas there is no such thing of our basic requirement which can not be fulfilled by the holy cow. In today's scenario, there are many researches have been done on the cow Gavyas and from these researches it has been proven that cow is a special gift of God to humanity. Even today, there are many people who cultivate not only cow based agriculture but also they produce panchagavya based special products to share importance of holy cow in society. These products are not only over-effective but also these have the life saving property. The only problem is that people who are doing such excellent work for society do not have a market and because of their inability to advertise/marketing, they are not able to reach people even people want these best products.

Natural Bazaar ( is an institution that is constantly trying to bring GAUMAATA back to the center of the economy. We also want to establish a market for such people who are continuously doing work hard to save GAUMAATA, they produce Panchgavya products and do poison free farming. We are committed to create a platform for such people who are producing best quality products to make poison free society and also doing commendable work to save the nation's culture and civilization. Our only aim is to re-organize the cow based economy which will be governed by the villages & villagers, because as long as this system was in the country, the country was called gold’s sparrow and today, where we have reached in the lack of this system, it is not hidden from anyone. In short, We want to make a poison free, healthy, happy, prosperous, wealthy and powerful nation.

Natural Bazaar ( is committed to deliver best quality Panchgavya products, Ayurvedic products and food items to the people. We have brought specific products for use in your daily life, which are produced by reliable gaushalas of the country, by the Gwalas, by the Swadeshi Rakshak institutions, and by the farmers who do natural farming. These products include cosmetics, food items, medicines, pooja items etc. By buying these products, you not only strengthen the economy of the country but also become a participant in the holy cause of Gauraksha. We believe that when you use these products, you will not have to change the brand for any other product in the same category, these products are 100% effective.

about us

भाई राजीव दीक्षित जी

हम आज जो कुछ भी कर रहे हैं अथवा करना चाहते हैं वो सब इन दिव्य आत्मा को समर्पित है जिन्होंने जीवनपर्यन्त न मात्र भारतीयता को जिया बल्कि भारत माता की सेवा हेतु अपना सर्वस्व अर्पण कर दिया | इन्होंने अपनी आवाज़ से, ज्ञान से, शोधपत्रों के माध्यम से ऐसे छुपे हुए तथ्यों (जो भ्रष्टाचार व साम्राज्यवाद के कारण दफ़न हो गए थे) को उजागर करके देश को एक नई दिशा दी | भले ही ये महान व्यक्तित्व अब संसार में न हो परन्तु वो हमारे विचारों में सदैव जीवित रहेंगे और आप और हम मिलकर उनके स्वप्नों को भारत अवश्य बनाएंगे | वन्दे मातरम्|”

"Whatever we are doing today or whatever we want to do is completely dedicated to this divine soul who have not only lived Indian culture even sacrificed their entire life to serve Bharat Maata. He gave a new direction to the country by his voice, knowledge, through research papers and by exposing hidden facts (which were buried due to corruption and imperialism). Even though this great personality is no longer in the world, but he will always live in our thoughts and you and we together will make BHARAT of their dreams. Vande Mataram 

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