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Bal Raksha Ayurvedic Baby Cream, 50gm

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To nourish and protect the skin of children, various types of herbs suggested in Kashyap Samhita like: Sandalwood, Turmeric, Aloe Vera etc. After so much research and modifications, finally Sanskriti Arya Gurukulam got success to make Bal Raksha Cream by mixing these herbs.

Vitamin – E and nutrition are very important to nourish the skin of children, which is abundant in the Bal Raksha cream.

Benefits of Bal Raksha Cream:

Since being a Natural product it can be used for baby just after 10 days of his/her birth.

It protects children's skin from various infections and keep it healthy & smooth.

This cream can be used from 10 days old baby to all age group.

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