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Gavyadhara Nasal Drops, 15ml (Pack of 2)

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Gavyadhara Nasa Drops, a natural and potent solution for respiratory health and overall well-being. Inspired by ancient ayurvedic wisdom, these drops harness the power of Panchagavya, a traditional blend of sacred Gau Gavyas and amazing Herbs.

The nasal passages are the gateway to the respiratory system and maintaining their health is crucial for overall wellness. Gavyadhara Nasa Drops provide a gentle and effective way to cleanse, soothe and nourish the nasal passages, promoting optimal respiratory function and relieving congestion.

Benefits of using Gavyadhara Nasa Drops are as follows:
Useful in Dust Allergy.
Beneficial in Migraine.
Reduces Insomnia.
Eliminates Snoring.
Beneficial in Sinusitis & Rhinitis.
Increases Memory.
Works in Eye & Ear related problems.
Useful in Paralysis and Brain Strokes.
Cures frequent Nasal Bleeding.
Helps to dissolve Blood Clots in Brain.
Useful in Epilepsy.
Increases Concentration and Mental Strength.
Useful in Mirgi (fits).
Helpful in frequent Cough, Cold and Headache.
The ancient herb of wisdom, nourishes the mind and soothes the soul with its tranquil essence. Within Brahmi's delicate leaves lies the profound power to enhance cognitive clarity and promote inner balance.
The revered herb of rejuvenation, whispers serenity to the weary mind and revitalizes the spirit with its gentle touch. In the petals of Shankhpushpi blooms the essence of tranquility, offering a sacred refuge for the restless soul to find solace and clarity.
Tulsi, the sacred queen of herbs, bestows its divine essence upon all who seek healing, offering solace to both body and spirit. In the fragrant embrace of Tulsi's leaves, one finds not just a herb, but a guardian of wellness, guiding towards balance and vitality.
Cow Milk: 
Indian breed desi cow milk, a treasure of tradition, embodies purity and nourishment, enriching both body and soul with its wholesome richness. From the gentle embrace of desi cow's milk flows a timeless elixir, revered for its holistic goodness and revered in ancient wisdom.
The probiotics in curd may help regulate mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression by supporting a healthy gut microbiome, which in turn influences neurotransmitter production and inflammation levels in the brain.
Indian breed desi cow ghee, abundant in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, fosters brain health and cognitive function, enhancing mental clarity and emotional well-being with its nourishing properties.
The revered Indian gooseberry, embodies a potent blend of tartness and healthfulness, offering a treasure trove of vitamin C and antioxidants in its vibrant green hue. In the humble amla, nature bestows a powerhouse of rejuvenation, strengthening immunity and promoting vitality.
The versatile herb of Ayurveda, unveils its bittersweet essence, revered for its digestive prowess and cleansing properties, nurturing holistic wellness in its wake. In the depths of Harad's robust fruits lies a timeless remedy, revered for ages to promote gut health and detoxification, restoring balance to body and mind.

The esteemed fruit of Ayurveda, reveals its subtle potency, cherished for its ability to pacify respiratory ailments and promote overall wellness with its gentle touch. In Baheda's understated presence lies a hidden gem of traditional medicine, revered for its role in supporting respiratory health and invigorating the body's natural defenses.
The aromatic root of resilience, infuses its earthy essence into traditional medicine, celebrated for its digestive support and calming properties in Ayurveda's healing legacy. Within Nagarmotha's roots lies a sanctuary of balance, offering digestive comfort and emotional grounding, enriching the holistic journey towards wellness.
Turmeric's anti-inflammatory properties may help alleviate symptoms of respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis, while its antioxidant content supports lung health, offering a natural remedy to promote clearer breathing and respiratory wellness.

Gavyadhara Nasa Drops Dosage:
Take a bowl of water and heat upto luke warm. Now place Gavyadhara Nasa Drops bottle in the bowl for 2-3 minutes. Put 1 drop in each nostril. Repeat twice in a day.

Gavyadhara Nasa Drops is an authentic Panchagavya Ghrita with NO SIDE EFFECTS.

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