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Triphala Ghrit - Tonic For Eye, Hair And Stomach, 100ml

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• Mahatriphaladi Ghrit (Triphala Ghrit) is an exellent eye tonic and it is useful in all Eye Disorders of due to Tridoshas.

• It treats every single part of the eye and even eye lashes.

• It is also beneficial to keep hair healthy and helps in clearing stomach from undigested food too.

• Contents Reference: Bhaishajya Ratnavali.

• Ingredients: Desi Gau Ghrit, Triphala, Bhringraaj, Vasa, Guduchi, Shatavar, Amla, Goat Milk, Pippar, Draksha, Khand, Neelkamal, Mulethi, Ksheerkakoli, Gambhari, Kantkari.

• Indication: Useful in Eye, Hair and Stomach Disorders.

• Dosage: 6-12 gm Mahatriphaladi Ghrit in a glass of warm milk with khand. Mix well by pouring one glass from another glass for 6-7 minutes.

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